Creating digital innovation ecosystem - Part 1 : Lessons from Israel

I visited Israel in October this year, mainly Jerusalem, North and Tel Aviv district.  One thing you cannot ignore is that Israel is quickly becoming an innovation giant.  This country is known as a start-up nation, with most of their innovation coming from high technology industry. It’s amazing that this same nation that is forever under attack or attacking…

Israel created an innovation ecosystem at national level that allows small and entrepreneurial business to prosper and flourish.  Like US, Israel leverages on the fact that it is a multicultural nation, allowing for diversity and different viewpoints. I believe that there could be that can be learned from Israel.  

I asked myself, what if I take these lessons and apply to my organisation?  This should compel executives to create a digital ecosystem for their organisations, the fact of the matter is that digital is leading.  

A strong digital innovation ecosystem takes into consideration firstly the demand and supply.  Israel knew that in order to succeed, they needed to create an innovation ecosystem than have both strong supply and demand side components.  By digital ecosystem I am refereeing to organisational policies or control systems that enable the generation and incubation of ideas. This includes making available the right resources, environment, infrastructure, funding that drives innovation.  I believe that corporateSA must act promptly to improve the ease of digital innovation by creating an enabling environment. 

The second thing I observed was how diversity can spur innovation, this also refer to a culture that values and encourage different views.  Key to any innovation success, including digital is to identify organisational cultural elements that can spur innovation and creativity. I know that there is something great in your organisation culture that could be nurtured. An open culture encourages the free flow of ideas and collaboration among individuals with very different perspectives.  


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