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Growing interest in Africa, should be based on win-win partnership. Changing our narrative

Changing our narrative, putting digital at the Core In 2009 through my MBA global module at Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa, I visited China, Asia’s powerhouse.  I was so naive, and wanted to understand what made this country as power house.  As we continued with engagement with academic, business and government institutions, I leant about their National 100 year plan on Africa.  The longest plan that I know is 10 year long, but 100 years!.  Our countries national development plans do not even demonstrate that forward thinking.  China plan focused more on infrastructure development, and commodities.   I was not comfortable; this had really left a dark mark in my heart.  As I visit many african countries, I see the realization of that plan, unfortunately the story is not good.
In 2012, I participate in a fellowship programme offered by the US Department of state, aimed to build relationship and expose future leaders on ways of working with the US.  The big question is …

Digital disruption can facilitate the creation of the “University of Africa”

Building University of Africa - Leading with Digital
In most African countries education is a big deal right?Billions of dollars invested in education on annually clearly shows that there is interest.  Education is also a priority in most countries’ national strategic documents,however we are still faced with challenges in the educational sector.
The #feesMustFall movement in South Africa stirred up debates on inclusive education.  Across the continent educational quality remains a serious challenge.  Shortage of basic facilities and learning materials are order of the day.  Will digital innovation in the educational sector address some of these challenges? Not some but all, yes all. Do we need an institution that will embrace inclusive education.  Inclusive in this case is defined as accommodating everyone in-spite of their cultural, financial, geographical background.
South Africa, like most African countries, the policy makers have left a huge gap for innovation in the educational sec…