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IoT consist of a complex ecosystem and will be delivered through partnership and collaboration – African perspective.

When it comes to adopting technologies, Africa is often a unique market for obvious reasons i.e. lack of infrastructure and diverse economies.   Our uniqueness can make Africa an implementation frontier.  However Africa’s regional diversity requires different approaches to implementing IoT Solution.  The localisation of global use cases will be key to implementation in sectors like agriculture. Health care and logistics.

Firstly lets us unpack IoT The discussions around IoT continue to dominate in all government and business platforms.  The prospect of a myriad of interconnected devices inspires both hope and fear.  For business, IoT promises to deliver operational efficiencies and enabling faster decision making.  Business leaders are also tackling the fears around skills and loss of jobs.  In the midst of that, many people still regard IoT as one technology solution.…

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The future of cloud computing and machine learning: Solution for Africa

The future of cloud computing and machine learning: Solution for Africa Cloud computing has come a long way over the last several years. Innovation is increasing at rates never experienced before and will continue to do so. Cloud computing started as a way to abstract physical infrastructure and data centers. The next generation of cloud computing is focusing on abstracting virtual infrastructure and the operational processes that go along with managing that infrastructure. Through cloud computing, complex technologies like machine learning will be made simple, so data scientists can focus on the data, and developers can enable the data scientists without having to become experts at the underlying machine learning technologies. Most tech companies have been blazing the path for big data for almost two decades.Now they are shifting the conversation from big data analytics to deep learning.I believe that machine learning is the next layer of programming.It entails the process of data inge…