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Africa must embrace digital revolution Part 1

Africa must embrace digital revolution Part 1
In order for African countries to leapfrog and lead, our policies should be forward-looking, aimed to enable countries and citizens to reap the benefits of new technologies, improving lives and livelihoods of many and furthering social inclusion. 
Digital technologies bring the benefits traditionally available only to the “few” to the “many,” in a digital world; an individual or small business can attract an audience or a market and compete with the largest players.
Figure 1: GSMA 2017 According to GSMA (2017) If the positive trends of recent years continue (or accelerate), the effects could be beneficial for all. The developed and developing world will see increased economic productivity and growth and the quality of life will improve owing to better accessibility to high quality education, better access to information and rising quality of life-bettering services.
While digitalisation will do away with some “legacy” jobs, it will create more…