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What African students can learn from Xi Jinping speech to Chinese students

What should be an advice to African students studying abroad? 
Xi outlined his vision of the Chinese Dream in a 2013 speech to the Western Returned Scholars Association, a group for Chinese students who travel abroad to attend universities. In this speech, Xi urged Chinese scholars to adhere to four principles:

1. Patriotism – Love of country is a basic value for all Chinese citizens. Students should maintain deep ties to their homeland and remember that their work uplifts an entire nation.
2. Hard work – “In the world today, knowledge and information are quickly updated, and if one slackens even a little in study, one is likely to fall behind.”
3. “Innovation and creation” – Chinese scholars who study abroad must bring home their vision and knowledge to create new advances in science and commerce. Only through innovation will China raise the quality of its economic development.
4. Cultural openness – Students who study overseas act as emissaries for China as it continues to establish tie…