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Driving digital democracy in Africa

Driving digital democracy in Africa.

Africa has pressing problems that can hinder digital democracy and evolution - that of digital inclusion and education. We are making great strides in connecting people but the education of opportunities of digital is still lacking. I am calling for private companies and government to unite on this issue of education. Furthermore, we are calling for the National Digital Inclusion strategy that will firstly, increase awareness, skills and opportunities presented by digital. Secondly and most importantly, we need national strategies to grow the economy through the use and creation of digital products. Thirdly, improve access by revisiting the costs of connectivity. Its important for all players to understand that digital products and services are becoming the default option for accessing public services, information, entertainment and communicating with other people. Our next report is - Is financial inclusion linked to digital inclusion? Visit our p…

Learn Digital with Google - Digital training for Africans

Digital skills for Africa

The evolution of digital realm has been so rapid that it has become all consuming in some areas. The reality is that most people are struggling to keep up moreover lack digital skills to take their business to another level. 
I found this tool from Google which aim to equip Africans with with skills to help them build an online presence, create content, understand web design, user experience, social media and app development.Training is provided free of charge and every member who attends will receive a digital skills certificate. 

 Follow this link to receive training :