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Data as the lifeblood for designing compelling customer experience

I have been to different resorts, hotels and even banks where I am required to fill in the same form for every visit.  This irritates me as the customer, companies collects a tremendous amount of data about me and do not know how to use it to improve my experience.  Worse when I visit a physical store and I am told that they not responsible for or don’t have access to online transactions.
The digital world has multiplied the sources and volume of data available to corporations.  There is a need to harness the wealth of structured and unstructured data from usage and social media.  The key is the ability to integrate this data to make better decisions, increase the quality of personalised experience, and create a true competitive advantage.
Many companies are talking about Omni-channel yet they forget the Lifeblood that holds everything together is data.  Delivering these omni-channel experiences require envisioning and i…