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Interesting Read: First break all the Rules! by by Marcus Buckingham and Curt W. Coffman
To implement a successful digital strategy requires a firm and forward looking leadership. We all know this management quote"Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things." Conventional wisdom is proud of maxims like this. it uses them to encourage managers to label themselves "leaders." It casts the manager as the dependable plodder, while the leader is the sophisticated executive, scanning the horizon, strategising. 
Since most people would rather be a sophisticated executive than a dependable plodder, this advice seems positive and developmental. 
Great managers will tell you that it isn't -- it demeans the manager role but doesn't succeed in doing much else. They will tell you that the difference between a manager and leader is much more profound than most people think, and that the company which overlooks this difference will suffer for it.
The most important d…

Creating digital innovation ecosystem - Part 1 : Lessons from Israel

I visited Israel in October this year, mainly Jerusalem, North and Tel Aviv district.  One thing you cannot ignore is that Israel is quickly becoming an innovation giant.  This country is known as a start-up nation, with most of their innovation coming from high technology industry. It’s amazing that this same nation that is forever under attack or attacking…

Israel created an innovation ecosystem at national level that allows small and entrepreneurial business to prosper and flourish.  Like US, Israel leverages on the fact that it is a multicultural nation, allowing for diversity and different viewpoints. I believe that there could be that can be learned from Israel.  
I asked myself, what if I take these lessons and apply to my organisation?  This should compel executives to create a digital ecosystem for their organisations, the fact of the matter is that digital is leading.  
A strong digital innovation ecosystem takes into consideration firstly the demand and supply.  Israel knew th…

Turning technology into digital to flourish - Part 1

Turning technology into digital to flourish.

I guess we all agree to the fact that digital technology is making new kinds of innovations possible.  Having owned an online store ,Afrinica Style, I know that it is the very same digital tools that enabled me to create products and the distribution channel at a blink of an eye.  I must admit, digital capabilities helped me to improve visibility of my small business.  According to Westernman, Bonnet and McAffe in their book Leading Digital, emphasize the fact that innovation arises in different parts of the company as managers constantly seek new ways to improve.  They also introduced a concept of digital mastery.

Digital masters are organisations that pursue technology to drive their business forward, they use technology to differentiate themselves or do to better than their competitors.  They use technology to transform the way they do business and to gain huge benefits.  The advantages are apparent in the financials, they are more profita…

Cloud - unleashing a new wave of innovation that will transform business

In Maputo Mozambique, admiring the beauty of this amazing city.  The fact that I am here on work, i have to think  

It came to my mind that every decade we witness a major shift in technology.  Right now we are in the midst of an incredible revolution where the world is being shaped by convergence of mobile and social cloud computing.  Companies are looking for strategies to develop one-to-one relationship with customers.  

I remember reading the word is flat by Friedman, inspired by the impact of globalisation, that the world is becoming more connected, right now technology allows us to connect everything together, and it is dramatically transforming the way we live and work.  Its a phenomenal time.

Today, everything is changing again.  The devices, the networks, and even the computers we use to connect are all new.  Exciting new mobile and social clouds apps are delivered via powerful LTE wireless network to literally billion of connected computers.  Interestingly, these …