Cloud - unleashing a new wave of innovation that will transform business

In Maputo Mozambique, admiring the beauty of this amazing city.  The fact that I am here on work, i have to think  

It came to my mind that every decade we witness a major shift in technology.  Right now we are in the midst of an incredible revolution where the world is being shaped by convergence of mobile and social cloud computing.  Companies are looking for strategies to develop one-to-one relationship with customers.  

I remember reading the word is flat by Friedman, inspired by the impact of globalisation, that the world is becoming more connected, right now technology allows us to connect everything together, and it is dramatically transforming the way we live and work.  Its a phenomenal time.

Today, everything is changing again.  The devices, the networks, and even the computers we use to connect are all new.  Exciting new mobile and social clouds apps are delivered via powerful LTE wireless network to literally billion of connected computers.  Interestingly, these connected computers are not just the mobile phones, they are are our watches, cameras, cars (I wish), our refrigerators, and even our toothbrushes (as I was told).  In this new world, everything is connected on the network through cloud.  This is the third wave of computing, which will unleash a new wave of innovation that will transform businesses.


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