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Drones: Africa’s development restricted by tough regulations

Drones are introduced as innovative way to help with the continent’s development.They are one of the next big things of Africa’s technology revolution.According to Tom of ITWeb drones could provide the technology that allows Africa to leapfrog other types of infrastructure – for example more extensive road or rail networks – when it comes to deliveries of commercial or humanitarian goods. We have also started to see drones being used to help solve some of our biggest issues such as poaching and delivering aid to remote areas.
Key issues to consider: Strict regulations and requirements
Most African countries have strict rules regarding the use of drones – these regulatory regimes make it impossible to advance with the development.For example
In Kenya, a private wildlife conservation has been planning to use drones for the last three years, but regulatory barriers have made the project practically impossible.South Africa drone regulations come into effect in July 2017, and are among the mo…