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Vision Matters; Digital transformative vision matters even more

Where there is no vision people perish, that is a verse from the bible.  Kotter in his paper, why transformation efforts fails, he identified key steps required to make your transformation journey as success.  One of them is to create a vision – the better people can envision where they are going, the more they can focus on specific initiatives that will make that vision a reality.

Successful digital transformation starts at the top of the company.  Only the senior-most executives can create a compelling vision of the future and communicate it throughout the organisation.  Then the people in middle and lower levels can make a vision a reality.  The real benefits of transformation come from seeing potential synergies across silos and then creating conditions through which everyone can unlock that value.  Only senior executives are positioned to drive this kind of boundary-spanning change.
One is big question is where should you focus your digital vision?  Digital vision usually takes one…